1.1. Definite Booking

After submitting the written confirmation of the product order to be used by the customer “Definite Booking” shall be approved.

1.2. Cancellation of Booking

The cancellation of the definite bookings is acceptable up to 21 business days before the date of use. If 21 business days are exceeded 50% of the definite booking budget, if 14 business days are exceeded 75% of the budget, and if 7 business days are exceeded the entire fee shall be invoiced to the customer. Business days are 5 days from Monday to Friday.

1.3. Booking with Option Periods

Option periods are up to 3 weeks before the date of use. After this date, “Booking with Option Period” is automatically cancelled without requiring any notice.

2.1 The advertisement image shall be submitted to the market segment responsible on jpeg format for the necessary approvals before it is printed. Panout Medya reserves its right not to install the unapproved advertisement, even if the print and delivery works are completed.

2.2. Maximum 5 different poster images may be installed. If there is a special form of hanging or installation, the customer should inform the market segment responsible and explain it in writing together with their graphics until the poster hanging date.

2.3 During the campaign, the Cut-Out/Creative (Ambient) can be applied only if the customer purchases a network and within the week the network is used.

The visual and technical details of the application shall be presented to Panout Medya beforehand and its approval is required.

In a campaign, posting shall be only available for a maximum of 10 advertisement units. Applications shall be posted on a maximum of 5 bus shelters and 5 racket boards.

Bus Shelter
ProductPrint Area (Width x Height)Visible Area  (Width x Height)Paper Type
Bus Shelter118,50 cm x 175,00 cm115,00 cm x 171,00 cm135 gram backlight trunslucent paper. (Poster must be guillotine cut)

* Print quantities shall be delivered 10% more for each item.

4.1. Poster Delivery Days

Bus Shelter posters shall be delivered to Panout Medya until 17:00 hours on Fridays. If the posters are not delivered at the specified time, the day of installing shall change and 10.000 TL + VAT  shall be added to the usage fee.

4.2. Poster Installing Days

The installing days of the Bus Shelter posters are Mondays and Tuesdays.

Photo shooting for the Bus Shelters shall be performed within the week following the installing the campaign materials and 5% of the network usage shall be presented to the agency and customer during the same week, either daylight or night shooting.

In case a professional photograph shooting is requested, it shall be charged 350 TL + VAT for each poster per unit.